Absegami FBLA was originally chartered on 12/20/72 when the high school was opened, and the chapter was reactivated on 11/24/14 with 36 members. Over the years, membership grew steadily, becoming the largest student-run organization at Absegami. In the 2022-2023 school year, Absegami FBLA had over 150 members, and held the title for the largest chapter in the NJ FBLA Southern Region. This remarkable feat is a testament to our dedication and hard work in fostering a strong community of aspiring business leaders. Absegami FBLA is undoubtedly a vibrant and dynamic organization dedicated to service, education and progress. Our members have been recognized at the regional, state and national levels as the ¨best of the best¨ for their efforts in community service, leadership and excellence in competitive events. Our graduates have earned scholarships to assist them in furthering their education at many institutions of higher learning, and we are very proud of our alumni in demonstrating impressive growth and success as true business leaders. Thank you for your inspiration and for showing all of us that ¨Together We Achieve!¨

Through FBLA, there are many different opportunities that you can enjoy!

  • Leadership

  • Conferences

  • Career-Exploration Activities

  • Community Service

  • Business Competitions

  • Competitive Events